Enrich your chosen major with a minor in public health. The wide scope and interdisciplinary nature of this minor will push you to engage with a variety of issues within the health world on a local, national and global scale.

The public health minor is intended for students who are following a disciplinary or professional major and who also have an interest in studying public health. Because the study of health issues is truly interdisciplinary in scope, the public health minor is appropriate for students majoring in the humanities, the social sciences or the natural sciences. While disciplinary or professional majors with health interests are encouraged to complete the entire minor, the public health courses also may be taken individually as electives to enrich any program of study.

Course Requirements 2015-2016

(23 semester hours)

One from:

  • HE-265 Basic Health Concepts: Mental Health, Fitness, Sexuality, Aging, Addictive Behaviors, and Death
  • HE-266 Basic Health Concepts: Diseases, Substance Abuse, Community, and Evironment
  • HE-307 Community Health
  • PSYC-335 Health Psychology
  • BIOL-364 Global Health, Environment, and Sustainability
  • ENST-210 Human Modifications of the Global Environment
  • IDIS-212 Global Health

One elective from:

One additional elective from above lists or an advisor approved elective.

One from:


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