Calvin's psychology minor includes four electives, one of which can be fulfilled by completing the department's experiential internship course.

(At least 18 semester hours)

  • PSYC-151 Introductory Psychology: Perspectives on the Self
  • At least one course from:
  • Four psychology electives

Students must complete a minimum of six psychology courses and a minimum of 18 semester (i.e., non-interim) hours within the psychology department. In some situations, students may be permitted to substitute STAT-143 or SOC-255 as one of the four electives. Non-psychology department substitutions are NOT permitted in the "at least one from" group. (students who use STAT-143 or SOC-255 as an elective will need to complete a psychology course numbered 256 or higher to meet the "at least one from" requirement).

Students may include developmental psychology courses from either group A (PSYC-208, PSYC-209) or group B (PSYC-201, PSYC-202)—but not both groups—as part of their minor.


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