The psychology major is a flexible, 10-course major that cultivates skills in areas like science and mathematics, research design, critical thinking and problem solving. The psychology curriculum is designed to allow you flexibility to select courses that fit your present interests and future expectations.

Course Requirements 2014-2015

(at least 32 semester hours)

  • PSYC-151 Introductory Psychology: Perspectives on the Self
  • PSYC-255 Statistics and Research Design
  • PSYC-256 Fundamentals of Research and Practice
  • One from PSYC-343 or PSYC-344
  • PSYC-399 Psychology and Religion
  • At least one from two of the following three knowledge domains
  • Two electives numbered 200-390
  • One elective numbered 300-379
  • Completion of psychology department assessment test
  • *Students must complete a minimum of 10 psychology courses and at least 32 semester hours; interim courses are not accepted toward the major.

(4 semester hours)

  • Biology core or equivalent

Students must maintain a 2.0 in psychology courses in order to graduate with a major in psychology. Students may include developmental psychology courses from either group A (PSYC-208, PSYC-209) or group B (PSYC-201, PSYC-202)—but not both groups—as part of their major.

Students should ordinarily take PSYC-255 during their sophomore year and PSYC-256 in the semester following completion of PSYC-255. Students may not take PSYC-255 and PSYC-256 simultaneously.

When possible, students are encouraged to postpone taking courses numbered 330 or above until after the completion of PSYC-256. PSYC-399 is a course that may be taken either fall or spring semester of the senior year, or in the junior year if a student has completed a majority of the psychology courses that are required for the psychology major.

Students intending to do doctoral work in psychology are strongly encouraged to take PSYC-356 during their junior or senior year and to include courses from all three of the knowledge domains (see previous) in their program of study. When selecting courses, students are encouraged to follow the recommended four year plan for the general Psychology major or the plan for majors with a neuroscience concentration. These plans are included in the department handbook (available in the psychology office) and posted on the department website.

All majors must complete the psychology department senior assessment during their last semester on campus. Information on the senior assessment is available from the psychology department office.

Students wishing to graduate with honors in psychology must maintain a minimum college GPA of 3.5 as well as a 3.5 within the major. Students must complete at least six honors courses (18 semester hours minimum). Three of these courses must be in psychology and three must be from outside of the major. One of the psychology honors courses must involve an honors research paper in PSYC-356 or a comparable honors project in PSYC-390.


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