At Calvin, the study of psychology cultivates a deep interest in how God formed the human mind.

In the psychology department at Calvin, we respond to God's call to explore the complexity and uniqueness of each individual person as God's special creation. Whether it's in the classroom, working with experienced faculty, or off-campus in the field at an internship, we are driven by the desire to expand our knowledge of others so that we are best able to serve them.

Our mission

Equipping students to understand psychological science, value its use in restoring lives, and apply it with an appreciation of humans as unique reflections of God's image.


Calvin students who complete a major program of study in psychology should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Knowledge of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  • Knowledge of various scientific methods and the competency to evaluate and design research studies, analyze data, and interpret results.
  • Competency in oral and written communication and the preparation of written manuscripts in a format consistent with the stylistic standards of the professional psychological community.
  • Participation in applying psychological perspectives and methods to the promotion of individual and social well- being with a sensitivity to human needs and respect for human diversity.
  • Insight and appreciation for the ways in which the perspectives and value commitments of a Reformed Christian worldview relate to psychological understanding, research, and practice.

Our programs

The psychology department at Calvin offers both a major and minor in psychology, along with a neuroscience concentration and secondary education psychology minor. Each program integrates academic study with hands-on activity. There are many opportunities to study psychology outside of the classroom, including assisting professors with research, doing internships with local organizations, and traveling off-campus to study psychology in a different context.

World-class faculty

Our 10 full-time faculty members are dedicated Christians and scholars. All hold PhD degrees and are involved in ongoing research projects.

State-of-the-art facilities

To support and promote research in psychology, the department has a wide range of facilities and equipment.

Quick Facts
  • Top 10

    majors and programs at Calvin University includes psychology

  • 65%

    of Psychology graduates go on to get advanced degrees

  • 95%

    of 2018 graduates were professionally employed or in graduate school one year after graduation