Calvin pre-medical students have the opportunity to gain early assurance of admission to Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSU-SOM), thanks to a cooperative education program.

This Early Assurance Program (EAP) provides an enhanced opportunity for admission to medical school to Calvin University premedical students who are interested in practicing in an underserved area of medicine.

Who qualifies?

Applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • Meet or exceed the minimum academic standards of a 3.50 overall GPA, a 3.50 science GPA,
  • A minimum MCAT score of 70th percentile (avg 505–506). Note—you don't have to take the MCAT prior to applying.

Applicants must also meet one or more of these criteria:

  • are the first generation to attend college
  • graduated from a low-income high school
  • are eligible for need-based grants (ex. Pell grant) graduate from underserved (health professional shortage) urban or rural area
  • express and support an interest in a high-need medical specialty—internal medicine, primary care, pediatrics, or obstetrics/gynecology—area (show evidence of this interest)

A Medically Underserved Area includes a rural or urban area where there is a shortage of health professionals.

Low income school districts:

Medically disadvantaged:


1. An AAMC ID is required to create a user account with the WSU EAP.

2. To initiate an AAMC ID, you must register for the MCAT exam. EAP applicants must take the MCAT by early spring.

Applicants can apply online at no cost.

  • The application period opens 12/1/2018. Applications are DUE by early February.
  • You access the EAP Application via the SOM Applicant Portal.
  • When accessing the SOM Applicant Portal login screen for the first time, click on Early Assurance Applicants to create an Early Assurance user account. Our AAMC ID is required.

The application has four sections:

  • Biographical/academic
  • Experiences
  • Personal statement
  • Essays


Request a copy of your transcript(s) for any college courses completed and turn into Teri Crumb. This can be a non-official transcript.

Write your personal statement

The Personal Statement is your opportunity to discuss who you are and why you are qualified for admittance to the college through the EAO/EAP. It is your decision as to what to write. Do your best to submit a well-written and interesting statement. Proofread your application carefully. Advocate for yourself!

Letters of evaluation

  • 3-5 letters of evaluation must be submitted in support of your application.
  • All letters should be directed to Teri Crumb (
  • All letters should be on college/university or business letterhead, dated and signed by the author with their contact information

All letters should be from individuals who know you well.

  • One letter must be from a basic science or medical science professor who can critically evaluate your academic potential, maturity, strengths and weaknesses, and the difficulty of coursework, if applicable. Comments that expand beyond what may be reflected by your grade in the class or address any special achievements or attributes are desirable.
  • One letter must address personal experiences and characteristics that will help the college develop an overall portrait of you. A letter based upon direct interaction with you and addressing qualities such as maturity, empathy, character, reliability, interpersonal skills, and any special attributes or experiences will be the most helpful.
  • Additional letters may be authored by individuals from an academic, clinical, employment, research, or volunteer setting. People who know you well and who can attest to your character and abilities based upon their personal experience with you will be the most meaningful.
  • It is highly desirable that at least one letter be authored by someone who has observed you in a clinical setting.
  • If there are special circumstances or potential concerns raised within your application (ex: lower grades one semester, compelling reason for withdrawal from a class, minor institutional action), consider securing a letter that could validate or clarify the situation.
  • Ideally, letters should be dated within one year of your application.

Learn more...

To apply to the program, visit WSU's Early Decision Program website to learn how to apply, and contact Teri Crumb, Calvin's pre-medical advisor.

The pre-medical committee will have to verify your application with Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Application Timeline