As a veterinarian, you'll provide routine care for domestic or farm animals and ensure their well-being.

To prepare for acceptance to veterinary school, you will need to take a series of courses in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. You can choose any major, but many pre-veterinary students choose the BS in biology program. As part of the pre-veterinary program at Calvin, you will also meet with a faculty advisor to help you stay on track with your career plans.

Related classes at Calvin

Comparative Animal and Human Physiology, Animal Behavior, Vertebrate Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry

Education after Calvin

Complete your degree and go on to attend a school of veterinary medicine for four years.

Veterinary schools

Calvin grads have attended excellent veterinary schools like Michigan State University and Kansas State University.

Requirements include 2 courses in general biology

You must also take CHEM-103 and CHEM-104, and CHEM-261 and CHEM-262, CHEM-303 or CHEM-323, PHYS-221 and PHYS-222, and one math course (e.g., MATH-110, MATH-132 or MATH-171). Some schools may have other specific requirements, so check with the pre-veterinary advisor if you have questions. You may also refer to the timeline for a more detailed, semester breakdown of requirements.

Learn more about the field of veterinary medicine at the American Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) ».


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