I’ve been assigned an advisor at Calvin who is not in my field. May I change?

Your advisor can help you in a number of areas, especially if you are new to Calvin. Eventually, you will need an advisor from the department of your major. If you wish to change advisors, you will need to complete the Change of Major and/or Advisor Form from Academic Services.

Can I take a semester abroad?

Yes! Taking a semester abroad is generally looked at favorably by admissions committees. Be sure to meet with the pre-medical/dental advisor prior to enrolling for a semester abroad. Note: You don't forget to think about when you will complete two-semester sequence courses (e.g., Chem 261-262) and when to take the MCATs.

Is an international student at a disadvantage to get into medical or dental school?

Yes, an international student is at a disadvantage when applying to medical or dental school because only a few schools meet USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, formerly INS) requirements for granting F1 or other student visas.  Other schools meet USCIS requirements but stipulate payment of tuition or establishing an escrow account. Check with the pre-med advisor for which schools may favor international students.

Can Canadian students get into Canadian medical or dental schools if they graduate from Calvin?

Yes! Several Canadian medical schools have accepted qualified Calvin students.