As you explore a possible career in law, Calvin offers valuable resources to help you consider options and determine your future steps. Some of these resources are available directly through Calvin; additional links to outside resources are listed below.

Our events

Each year, we host a number of events to help you explore possible options for a career in law, consider law school and prepare for the LSAT. See the events page to discover the many on-campus opportunities available to you, as well as additional options in the surrounding area that are sponsored by outside organizations.

Our pre-law program library

The pre-law program library is located in the political science department conference room (DC 273A) on the second floor of the DeVos Communication Center. The library features books about the legal profession, the law school experience, legal practice, Christian perspectives on law and other topics. Catalogues and information from various law schools throughout the United States, as well as LSAT preparation material, are also available. Materials may be utilized in the office and may also be checked out using the procedures noted in the library area.

Our pre-law advisor

In his role as the pre-law advisor at Calvin, Dr. Joel Westra (political science department) meets with students considering a potential law career. He will help you assess whether the legal field is right for you, which courses will best prepare you for law school, when to take the LSAT, which law schools would be a good fit for you and more.


The Calvin pre-law program provides an opportunity for interested students to be paired with attorney mentors working in the legal field. Mentors provide guidance on career options, law school admission and law school studies. When assigning mentors, priority is given to juniors and seniors, but all pre-law students are welcome to participate as mentors are available. Interested students should contact the pre-law advisor, Joel Westra, to express their interest and join the program.

Additional resources to help plan your career in law

  • The Law School Podcaster provides information, insight and advice on the law school admission process, including behind-the-scenes views of the admission process, post-law school jobs and current market trends.
  • Admission Essays that Worked includes six winning admissions essays from the University of Chicago.
  • The University of Michigan School of Law has an excellent website about the law school application and consideration process.
  • LLMGuide provides general information about the LL.M. degree, as well as Master of Laws Programs in various countries around the world.
  • OnLineLLM is a resource including in-depth and unbiased information about a LL.M. degree, and includes accredited Masters in Law schools.
  • is a blog that provides useful tips, background information and news on law school applications and law schools in general.
  • provides scholarship information, LLM concentrations, a blog and several other great tools for LLM students.
  • Money Geek provides a specific financial aid guide for law school that you can use as a proactive resource to help navigate the financial hurdles, including information about understanding the costs, finding funding, specific loans and scholarships and negotiating your aid package.
  • Law School Toolbox works to alleviate anxiety about the law school experience for prospective law students, current law students, and even bar exam takers with a free popular blog and podcast, as well as courses and private law school tutoring for a fee.
  • Law Student Ministries of the Christian Legal Society seeks to reach the nation's school campuses for Christ by encouraging law students to faithfully think and act, and by supporting Christian law student groups on more than 150 law school campuses and at some Christian colleges.
  • Ms. JD is a blog that supports and improves the experiences of women in the field of law, both students and lawyers.
  • Law School Numbers is a dynamic research and social networking tool for prospective law school applicants.
  • The legal field can involve high stress occupations and tasks — and tobacco use among lawyers continues to be high. Quit Day is a service designed to help individuals stop smoking.

As you prepare for a career in law, many situations and interactions will be impacted by your ability to convey a professional demeanor. When you are applying for an internship or summer professional position, interacting with a mentor, interviewing with a law school admissions counselor and in countless other settings, your actions, words, dress and behavior can make a significant impact upon the conclusions of others.