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The following are some specific course recommendations for pre-law students at Calvin.

These are not requirements, since the pre-law program has no specific course requirements—and no student would be able to take every Calvin University course that helps to prepare for a legal career. Use these lists (and the input of your pre-law advisor) to inform your choice of courses as you work toward your career goal.

For more detailed descriptions of each course, please refer to Calvin's academic catalog.

  • Courses which meet CCE credit
    • "Justice, Equality and the Law" (IDIS 290) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    • "American Constitutional Foundations" (POLS 310)
    • "International Organizations and Law" (POLS 309)
    • "Business Law" (BUS 350)
    • "Criminology" (SOC 303)
  • Courses which develop skills and values

    Analytic and problem-solving skills

    • "The Introduction to Logic" (PHIL 171) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    • "Principles of Microeconomics" (ECON 221) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Critical reading skills

    • Any upper-division course in the humanities or social sciences

    Writing and researching skills

    • "Written Rhetoric" (ENG 101)
    • Academic and Professional Writing (ENGL 261)
    • "Business Writing" (ENGL 261)
    • "The Craft of Writing" (ENGL 260)
    • Any upper-division course in the social sciences

    Oral communication and listening skills

    • "Argumentation and Advocacy" (CAS 311) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Language of law

    • "Elementary Latin I" (LATN 101)
    • "Elementary Latin II" (LATN 102)
  • Courses which develop areas of knowledge

    Politics and political theory

    • "Ideas and Institutions in American Politics" (POLS 101)
    • "Persons in Political Community" (POLS 110)
    • "Governments and Globalization" (POLS 214)
    • "The President and Congress" (POLS 234)
    • "Freedom, Justice and Political Authority" (POLS 240)
    • "Institutions, Civil Society and Revolution" (POLS 301)
    • "Political Liberalism and Its Critics" (POLS 306)

    Ethics and justice

    • "Ethics" (PHIL 205)
    • "Law, Politics and Legal Practice" (PHIL 202) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    • "Ethical Theory" (PHIL 365)


    • "Principles of Economics" (ECON 151)
    • "Principles of Macroeconomics" (ECON 222)


    • "History of the West and the World II" (HIST 152)
    • "U.S.A." (HIST 229)
    • "America from Republic to Empire" (HIST 252)


    • "Mathematics in the Contemporary World" (MATH 100)
    • "Introduction to Managerial Accounting" (ACCT 203)
    • "Financial Accounting" (BUS 204)

    Human behavior

    • "Introductory Psychology" (PSYC 151)
    • "Sociological Principles and Perspectives" (SOC 151)
    • "Sociology of Deviance" (SOC 203)
    • "Diversity and Inequality in the United States" (SOC 250)
    • "Intercultural Communication" (SOC 231)
  • Courses related to law
    • "American Constitutional Foundations" (POLS 310) – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    • "International Organizations and Law" (POLS 309)
    • "Law in Business" (BUS 350)
    • "Criminal Justice System" (SOC 210)
    • "Criminology" (SOC 303)

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