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Four-Year Plan

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At Calvin, your pre-law experience is unique and tailored to your interests and career goals—there's no single required set of courses you need to take. Instead, you'll work with your pre-law advisor to identify courses and experiences that will prepare you for the LSAT, law school, and your planned career.

Below is a list of activities, experiences, and deadlines that every pre-law student should be aware of as they navigate their four years at Calvin. Participating in these activities will ensure that you take full advantage of Calvin's pre-law program. Use this as a checklist to make sure you're staying on track toward your goals.

  • Freshman Year
    • Attend the fall meeting for pre-law students
    • Enroll in Calvin's Pre-Law listserv to receive e-mail information about upcoming pre-law program events
    • Explore majors to determine what fits your interests
    • Interact with professors
    • Become involved in two or three student activities and groups
    • Work diligently in your studies
  • Sophomore Year
    • Attend the fall meeting for pre-law students
    • If you have not already done so, enroll in Calvin's Pre-Law listserv
    • Choose your majors and minors
    • Interact with professors
    • Maintain involvement in a narrow set of student activities
    • Work diligently in your studies
  • Junior Year
    • Attend the fall meeting for pre-law students
    • If you have not already done so, enroll in Calvin's Pre-Law listserv
    • Meet with the pre-law advisor in the fall or spring
    • Take part in a law-oriented internship program
    • Attend a Law School Admission Council (LSAC) law school forum (typically, one is held in Chicago each fall)
    • Prepare to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) throughout the spring months, and register to take the February or June LSAT (preferably February)
    • Identify two professors who could provide recommendations, as well as other individuals in specific contexts, such as an internship supervisor, employer, volunteer coordinator and others
    • Work diligently in your studies
  • Senior Year
    • In August and September
      • Attend the fall meeting for pre-law students
      • If you have not already done so, enroll in Calvin's Pre-Law listserv
      • Meet with the pre-law advisor
      • Register for the October or December LSAT if you did not take the test during your junior year, or if you need to retake it
      • Identify law schools you are interested in attending and obtain applications
      • Attend a Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) law school forum if you did not attend during your junior year (typically, one is held annually in Chicago each fall)
      • Work on your Personal Statement, allowing sufficient time to do at least four drafts
      • Contact individuals to request recommendation letters
      • Subscribe to the Law School Data Credential Assembly Service (LSDAS) and have your official transcript sent to them by Calvin

    • In late-September and early-October
      • If you're taking the LSAT in October, make sure you have completed all of the steps noted above for August and September
      • Submit your law school applications no later than November 1

    • In December
      • Follow-up with law schools where you applied to be certain that your applications are complete
      • If you took the LSAT in October or December, submit your law school applications as soon as possible after receiving your score
      • Watch for admissions letters from law schools that have rolling/early admissions

    • In January
      • Complete Federal Financial Aid forms

    • In March, April and May
      • March is the final application deadline for most law schools
      • In April and May, admission letters from law schools without rolling admissions will arrive
      • After receiving responses from law schools, consult with the Pre-Law Advisor to help you determine where you will be attending school in the fall and notify them of your acceptance
      • Notify Calvin's pre-law advisor of your decisions and future plans
      • In late May or early June, secure housing in the law school area

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