When you choose a pre-law specialization at Calvin, our experienced faculty provide you with advice, preparation, resources and course recommendations to help you determine whether the legal field is right for you, prepare you for law school and equip you for a career in law.

Pre-law at Calvin

Calvin's pre-law program works differently than a major or minor program. Pre-law at Calvin is not a major; it's a specialization that you choose to pursue in conjunction with a major in another field. There are no required pre-law courses; instead, students select a major field of study in an area of interest to them as they prepare to attend law school after earning their four-year degree. The courses and experiences that comprise the pre-law specialization emphasize analytic and problem-solving skills, oral communication, political theory, history, ethics and justice.

As the chart below shows, law schools accept undergraduate degrees in a wide variety fields and interests, with specific training in the field of law taking place in law school rather than college. Law school graduates become eligible to practice law by satisfying the licensing requirements of the jurisdiction(s) in which they intend to practice. See our Academics page for advice about selecting a major that fits your interest in law.

2017-18 Pgm pie chart

Declare your pre-law specialization

Contact the Academic Office and request to declare a pre-law specialization. You will be placed on the pre-law email list to receive additional information about events and programs. Dr. Joel Westra will be added as an additional faculty advisor on your behalf.

Pre-law program postings and material

Find printed information about Calvin's pre-law program events, summer programs, the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and other items related to pre-law on the pre-law program bulletin board (located on the second floor of the Devos Communication Center).

Annual Pre-law program newsletter

See an overview of Calvin's pre-law program activities and information in our yearly newsletter.

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