Our faculty is always engaging with public discourse, providing commentary, analysis and incisive perspectives on politics and international relations. Browse through recent research being conducted by students and faculty, or search through their published work.

Faculty Mentored Student Research Projects

Institutional Architecture of the Postwar International Security Order: Global Security Governance in a Changing World 2012-Present Kelly Looman (Honors Project/McGregor Program); Daniela Pereira (Honors Project/McGregor Program); with Joel Westra McGregor Program
Returning Citizens and Restorative Justice 2015-2018 Taek Soo Nam with Kevin den Dulk Civitas Lab
School Choice Policy and Private Schools Enrollment 2015-2016 Jean-Luc Garside with Kevin den Dulk The Henry Institute
The Politics of Clean Water 2016-2018 Jonathan Winkle with Kevin den Dulk McGregor Program


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