Study the complexities of justice and power while developing analytical and communication skills that you can use in many fields, including government, law, business, and the nonprofit sector.

At Calvin, you'll take advantage of small class sizes, student research positions, internship opportunities, and off-campus programs. Your experiences will equip you to enter the complex world of politics, diplomacy, and civil society.

Understand the world in a whole new way—going beyond partisan, national, and ideological divisions—and resolve to take action as a faithful servant of Christ.

Internship experience

Political science majors, particularly those who do not anticipate pursuing either law school or some graduate program shortly after graduation, are encouraged to enroll in internship programs. Interested students can find more information about on the Internship page.

To be admitted to the political science major you must have completed POLS-101, 110, 214, or 207 with a minimum grade of C (2.0).

Program Requirements


Choose fifteen additional hours of political science coursework (which may include one interim course and/or six hours of internship credit) or complete the Policy Studies and Civic Leadership Concentration requirements, below.


Choose two courses from one of the following categories.

Total Semester Hours: 33


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