Discover the interworkings of politics in the wider world with the international relations major. Students who major in international relations may also choose to follow a program of concentration in Comparative Politics, Governments and Globalization or Peace, Conflict, and Diplomacy.

Course Requirements


Internship experience

International relations majors, particularly those who do not anticipate pursuing either law school or some graduate program shortly after graduation, are encouraged to enroll in internship programs.

Students can complete an internship for a maximum of 3 semester hours in Internship in Politics and Government (POLS-380), as well as internships through our Washington D.C. semester program. Interested students should contact the department's internship director, Professor Pelz.

IR Major Cognate Requirement

Students wishing to complete an International Relations major must complete a cognate set of courses that complement the major. Students have three options to complete the cognate requirement.

Option 1

Take any three of the following courses (note that some of these courses have prerequisites):

Option 2

Complete an approved off-campus semester program (with a maximum of three credits from the program counting towards the regular, non-cognate requirements of the International Relations major).

Option 3

Complete nine credits of foreign language beyond the 202-level.

To be admitted to the international relations major you must have completed POLS-101, 110, 214, or 207 with a minimum grade of C (2.0).


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