2017 Summer Research

Six students worked with four professors on Physics and Astronomy projects.

Student summer research fellows at Calvin participate in the annual summer research poster fair, held in October. They also prepare a synopsis (a one page summary) of their research experience, providing relevant background as well as a statement of the problem, describing the research methods, giving any results to date and indicating how the research benefitted them personally.

Astronomy projects

Evolution of Close Binary Stars: Evan Cook, Kenton Greene and Professor Larry Molnar .


Evan Cook
(poster / synopsis)

Kenton Greene
(poster / synopsis)

Distinguishing  Stellar Populations within Milky Way Globular Star Clusters: Alex VanKooten and Professor Jason Smolinski.


Alex Van Kooten
(poster / synopsis)

Optical physics project

Optical Detection of Diamond NV Magnetic Resonance: Chris Jang and Professor Ryan Balili 

Balili, Jang web

Chris Jang
(poster / synopsis)

Biophysics project

Structural and kinetic studies of the lamellar, cubic and hexagonal phases in lipids:  Brian Seper, Matthew Link, and Professor Paul Harper.


Brian Seper
(poster / synopsis)