How to apply for scholarships

The application forms for named scholarships are available every year beginning January 1. Incoming students have a deadline date of February 1.  Current students have a deadline date of March 1. All of the scholarships for current students are available onlineAll current students who will be enrolled next academic year are encouraged to apply.

Bouwsma Memorial Scholarship $900 JR/SR 3.00
Reverend Bernard Haven Memorial Scholarship $2,300 FR 3.00
Kenneth J. Konyndyk, Jr. Scholarship $2,400; $3,000 SR 3.50
Alan and Jan Pauw Family Scholarship $2,600 JR/SR 3.00
Clarence and Janice Walhout Scholarship $2,000 JR/SR 3.20
Martin P. and Florence DeGraaff Wiebenga Scholarship $1,500 SO/JR/SR 3.00
Dr. Bernard Zylstra, S.J.D., Memorial Scholarship $4,000 JR/SR 3.00

O.K. Bouwsma Award

An annual prize is awarded to the Calvin student who submits the best paper in philosophy.

This prize is in honor of Oets Bouwsma, former professor of philosophy at the Universities of Nebraska and Texas, a past president of the American Philosophical Association, and a distinguished alumnus of Calvin College.

Paper should be prepared for blind review: Use a detachable title page with the author’s name on it but do not identify the author in the body of the paper. Papers may be prior submissions for courses, reworkings of such papers, or specifically written for the competition. Brief papers are acceptable. Only one paper per student. Only undergraduate submissions allowed.

The winning paper will be chosen by a panel of members from the philosophy department faculty. The department reserves the right to make no award if the submissions are not of sufficiently high quality.

  • Award amount: $250
  • Deadline: April 15, 2016

Direct submissions to:

Philosophy Department
(340 Hiemenga Hall)