Go beyond the basics in philosophy and logic, and submerge yourself in the deepest human reflection from the greatest thinkers on matters of truth, ethics, existence, humanity and God.

By majoring in philosophy at Calvin, you will discover new skills of reasoning and communicating that are useful in a wide variety of settings beyond graduation. By studying ancient, medieval and modern philosophy, you’ll be prepared for graduate school or another professional career with skill and knowledge, as well as a tested and well-founded Christian faith.

When you find your interest piqued by a specific field, our expert faculty can guide you as you specialize, whether you’re interested in political philosophy, gender, epistemology, formal logic, human being or metaphysics—we can walk with you as far as you want to go.

(33 semester hours)

  • PHIL-153 Fundamental Questions in Philosophy
  • PHIL-171 Introduction to Logic or PHIL-273 Symbolic Logic
  • PHIL-205 Ethics
  • PHIL-204 God and Philosophy or PHIL-283 Metaphysics
  • PHIL-251 History of Western Philosophy I
  • PHIL-252 History of Western Philosophy II
  • PHIL-340 Contemporary and Continental Philosophy or PHIL-341 Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy
  • One 300-level Historical course:
  • One 200-level Systematic course:
    • PHIL-201 Philosophy of Social Science
    • PHIL-202 Law, Politics, and Legal Practice
    • PHIL-203 Understanding Natural Science: Its Nature, Status, and Limits
    • PHIL-204 God and Philosophy
    • PHIL-205 Ethics
    • PHIL-207 Justice and the Common Good: Studies in Political Philosophy
    • PHIL-208 Philosophy of the Arts and Culture
    • PHIL-211 Philosophy and Gender
    • PHIL-212 Ethical Dimensions of Health Care
    • PHIL-215 Business Ethics
    • PHIL-225 Chinese Thought and Culture
    • PHIL-226 African Thought and Culture
    • or a 300-level with permission
  • One 300-level Systematic Course:
  • PHIL-395 Philosophy Topics: Problems in Systematic Philosophy or PHIL-396 Philosophy Topics: Figures and Themes in the History of Philosophy

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