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Study healthcare delivery systems in developing countries like India or Belize during Calvin's three-week January interim. Gain valuable cross-culture experience and work on your language skills.

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Study community-based primary health care (CBPHC) in rural India. With an emphasis on building capacity, empowering local rural populations and working towards achieving equity and integration of all health services, this program is perfect for any upper-class student interested in working in health care in a developing country.

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Explore health concerns and care strategies for a culturally, socially and economically varied nation and learn from local herbalists, traditional midwives and folk healers. Spend three days in Guatemala to explore the contrast between the healthcare of the two, and experience the culture.

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Christian Nursing in the Philippines

Study Christian nursing in a developing country, where the health care system is much less complex than in the United States. Students learn what the responsibilites and expectations of a Filipino nurse are. Grow in cultural awareness and ability to interact with the Philippines culture.

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Open to students of all disciplines, immerse yourself in Ethiopian culture and learn about healthcare systems, economics, religion and educational systems. We’ll travel from Addis to beautiful natural attractions, major historical and cultural sites as well as visit World Vision project sites to learn about development efforts in this part of the world.

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Health Care in the Dominican Republic

Students explore faith-based health care with both national (Dominican) and American nurses. Work on your Spanish skills and interact with development workers. Issues of justice and compassion challenge students as they encounter the unique health care problems of a developing country.

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