Interim in India

IDIS W61 Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India INTERIM 2014

Course Description: In this course students learn how a community-based primary health care (CBPHC) approach to health and development enables and empowers people and communities to take health in their own hands, particularly in a developing country. Sustainable community-based health and development are discussed as students learn about the multi-tier approach to community health that is practiced in the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) villages with village health workers providing the majority of primary health care and health education at the grassroots level. The objective of CRHP is to work with poor and marginalized people and enable them to achieve an acceptable level of health through the primary health care approach. Through this approach people are enabled to improve their health and lives in a holistic sense. The emphasis is on building capacity, empowering people and working towards achieving equity and integration of all health services. The overall success of this project has prompted CRHP to focus increasing attention on its role as a model project for both government and non-government organizations throughout the world. The model is used by the World Health Organization.

Students have classroom sessions aimed at practical application of concepts and take part in field visits and discussion sessions with village health workers and members of farmers clubs, adolescent girls clubs and the challenged by issues of justice, compassion and faith as they interact with Indian people in a rural setting.

Evaluation is based on reflective journals, a presentation, and participation.

This course is intended for any upper class student interested in working in health care in a developing country. It is especially appropriate for students with majors in international development, pre-medicine, social work and nursing. Students studying gender issues will also find the course fascinating since the role of women is so different in rural India from what North Americans are accustomed to. The course offers a unique opportunity to see community health care in action in India, a developing country not normally part of Calvin’s interim offerings.

The course is part of an established program in place since 1992 at the Jamkhed Institute for Training and Research in Community Health and Population, recognized by the World Health Organization as a demonstration program. (CCE credit)

Location: Jamkhed, Maharashtra, India Jamkhed Institute for Training and Research A Comprehensive Rural Health Project