Student research at Calvin

Calvin University for many years has encouraged and arranged research opportunities for its students. Academic year research is an opportunity where Calvin's nursing research assistants work alongside faculty; whereas large institutions don't offer that opportunity to undergraduate students. Women Supporting Women provided that opportunity; What's It Like To Be A Research Assistant provides a wonderful look into what opportunities nursing students can participate in. Other nursing students research during the summer when students work with faculty and receive salary support in the form of summer research fellowships. For more information, consult the Science Division's Summer Research site.

McGregor Summer Research Student Fellowship Program

McGregor Fellows will earn a stipend of $3,300 for nine weeks of full-time work during the summer months in partnership with a faculty member. They will also participate in a weekly colloquium with other McGregor Fellows, and present research results at a professional presentation determined by the faculty mentor and student fellow.

Recent student research

With 15 Goldwater Scholars since 2008, numerous opportunities for students to partner with professors, and nationally recognized research, Calvin has a very strong research reputation.