Nursing simulation is integrated throughout the curriculum with a variety of across the life span, scenario-based simulations. Each simulation experience uses a level-appropriate simulator to allow students to meet the objectives of that learning experience. Nursing students are immersed in real-life patient scenarios and, by working through the scenario, learn to integrate their classroom knowledge with their assessment findings and nursing skills. This better prepares students for nursing in the real world. Our nursing labs are equipped with a variety of infant, child, and adult mannequins including Susie and Hal who are high fidelity mannequins.

As a nursing student working on scenarios with the mannequins, you will:

  • Strengthen your classroom knowledge with hands on experience
  • Utilize critical thinking skills
  • Learn how to function as a part of a team

Nursing students also participate with students from other disciplines (e.g. speech pathology, social work) in interdisciplinary simulations.