Shaping our future by understanding our past

At Calvin, we shape the future by understanding our past. This unique, interdisciplinary program will immerse you in the life and culture of the middle ages. Come explore the intricacies of medieval society and how it continues to influence modern art, science, politics, culture, and faith to this day.

Hands-on history

Take advantage of Calvin’s diverse learning opportunities. As a medieval studies minor you can live and study in ancient cities on an off-campus program, go on class field trips, and take a designated medieval studies interim class.

This minor can be taken with any major, but it would make an especially good pairing for students majoring in fields such as history, literature, classics, religion, art history, or music. A medieval studies minor can also be useful preparation if you are considering graduate study in the humanities.

If you are interested in becoming a medieval studies minor, consult a member of the medieval studies minor committee for advising on course selections.

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