How to apply for scholarships

The application forms for named scholarships are available every year beginning December 1 and must be submitted by February 1. All of the scholarships for first-year students and current students are available online. All students who will be enrolled next academic year are encouraged to apply.

Baker, Kenneth E. and Jean First-Year Mathematics Scholarship $1,000 FR 2.50
Baker, Kenneth E. and Jean Mathematics and Music Scholarship $1,200 SO/JR/SR 2.50
Baker, Kenneth E. and Jean Sophomore Mathematics Scholarship $1,200 SO 3.00
Dragt, Alexander and Lavonne Family Scholarship $4,300 FR 3.50
Dragt, Gerrit, Beulah, and Robert Memorial Scholarship $3,200 FR 3.50
Greenfield, Laura and Gary Chemistry and Math Scholarship $3,700 SO/JR/SR 3.50
Hughes, Howard Medical Institute Scholarship $2,500 FR 3.50
Iwema, R. and J. Education Scholarship $3,100 JR/SR 2.50
Rinck, William Memorial Scholarship $2,400 JR/SR 3.00
S-STEM: Building Foundations for Success in STEM Scholarship $4,200 FR 3.20
Ubels, John and Antoinette Family Scholarship $2,300 SR/PB 2.50
VanderBrug, Gordon J. Scholarship $2,650 JR/SR 3.00
VanDerWoude Science Scholarship $5,000 JR/SR 3.30
VanEerden, William E. and Connie L. Family Scholarship $3,700 JR/SR 3.20
Warners, John D. Scholarship for Secondary Math Education $2,500 SO/JR/SR 2.50
Zwier, Paul J. and Eleanor I. Family Scholarship $3,300 JR 3.00