Inclusion Specialist Concentration Description

The Inclusion Specialist Concentration prepares educators with the knowledge, skills and experiences to include all learners in school communities across the globe. Through theory, research, practice and Christian vision for shalom, candidates will explore how to support administrators, teachers, families and community stakeholders in designing, implementing, evaluating, and sustaining transformative school programs and classroom practices. Guided by a commitment to equity, excellence, and justice, Inclusion Specialists will work with others to empower a wide range of students with identified disabilities, cultural differences, and unique capacities.

The Inclusion Specialist Concentration offers two emphases, Inclusive School Programs and Inclusive Classroom Practices. The Inclusive School Programs emphasis provides knowledge and skills in leadership of school-wide policies, programs and practices that include all members in learning communities. The Inclusive Classroom Practices emphasis explores classroom teaching strategies, curriculum, and culturally responsive pedagogy.

Inclusion Specialist Concentration Overview


General Courses

    • or Approved Elective
    • Current Issues Workshop (2)

    Concentration Courses


    Total Credits: 32


    Dr. Debra Buursma