Spend January on an interim trip led by outdoor recreation. Get wilderness first responder backcountry certified, whitewater kayak in Costa Rica, bike along the southern coast of Australia or canoe through the Everglades. This will be an experience you will never forget.

Southwest Outdoor Educator (Jan 2013)
  • Base Camp Flagstaff, Arizona
  • NOLS/WMI Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Backcountry Medical Certification
  • Grand Canyon National Park Backpacking Expedition
  • 10 Climbing Passes to Vertical Relief during WFR
  • 4 day AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Primer with AMGA Instructor
Florida Experiential Educator (Jan 2012)
  • Everglades sea kayak and canoe expedition
  • Road cycling tour through the Keys
  • Experiential education program exploration
  • Snorkeling, camping and exploring through the Keys
Costa Rica Cross-Cultural Trekking and Whitewater – CCE (Jan 2014)
  • 11 days of rainforest backpacking and cultural exploration
  • 10 days of whitewater instruction in white water rescue, raft captaining, hard-shell white water kayaking
  • Rescue 3 white water rescue certification through rescue 3
  • 3 days of surf instruction
  • Sea turtle restoration project
Panama Scuba, Surf, and Sail – CCE (Jan 2013)
  • Partner with Costa Rica Outward Bound School
  • Solarte Island base camp and cultural exploration
  • 9 day scuba certification; including night, wreck, and deep water dive
  • 4 day sailing curriculum
  • 5 days of surf instruction
  • Cultural exchange through communities near Boca Del Torre
Australia Biking: Be Fit for Life – CCE (Jan 2013)
  • 14-day, 700-mile bike tour around the southern coast of Australia
  • Emphasis on the chemical and biochemical nature of nutrition
  • Cultural comparisons on nutrition and exercise