As a kinesiology major, you can choose from many different pre-professional emphases, including pre-physical therapy, pre-physician assistant and pre-medicine.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy falls directly under the kinesiology department. As a physical therapist, your goals are to restore, maintain and promote health and fitness in patients who have been injured or disabled through accident or illness.  If you would like to apply your knowledge and compassion in ways that improve the quality of others’ lives, physical therapy is calling your name. Learn more at the pre-physical therapy website.

Medicine, physician assistant, occupational therapy and more

Whether you're interested in assisting people with disabilities in everyday functioning (occupational therapy), the many ways our bodies are affected by just our feet (podiatry) or general medical practice, Calvin provides you with many pre-professional opportunities that will make you a strong candidate for professional training. Many students opt for kinesiology as their major as they pursue this further coursework.