(24 semester hours)

  • HE-202 Foundations of Health Education
  • HE-203 First Aid and Emergency Care
  • HE-254 Nutrition
  • HE-265 Basic Health Concepts: Mental Health, Fitness, Sexuality, Aging, Addictive Behaviors, and Death
  • HE-266 Basic Health Concepts: Diseases, Substance Abuse, Community, and Environment
  • HE-308 Administration and Methods
  • One from:
    • IDIS-212 Global Health
    • Community Health Course
    • Advisor-Approved Interim
  • Cognate: STAT-143 Introduction to Probability and Statistics


Debra Bakker

Debra Bakker

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BIOL 115 is a prerequisite for several of these courses. Elementary candidates complete BIOL 115 in addition to SCES 121 and SCES 122.

Elementary Health minors may waive either PER 150 or KIN 223 (core courses).


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