You will learn the craft of dance through studio courses and performance, the science of dance through study of kinesiology, and the art of dance through studies of history, religion, culture and composition.

If you are interested in dance you will have many options for learning, choreographing and performing. 

Like all students pursuing a bachelor's degree, dance minors will meet the college's liberal arts core requirement through study in many disciplines. (About half of the required courses for the dance minor can also satisfy the college's liberal arts core.) As a result of their introduction to a variety of fields, students will select a major. Current dance minor students have chosen a wide variety of majors such as physical education, art, music, foreign language, history or religion.

(18 semester hours)

  • PER-156 Creative Dance
  • DAN-202 Dance in Western History
  • KIN-214 Applied Kinesiology
  • DAN-310 Dance in World Culture
  • DAN-330 Dance Composition and Performance
  • Five from:
  • At least one elective dance technique course.
  • At least one semester hour in three of five dance styles at level I or II and at least one semester hour at level II in one of the five dance styles.

Please note: many courses in the dance minor are offered alternate years, so this minor takes careful planning. Dance minors are asked to consult with Ellen Van’t Hof. Physical education core requirements in skill enhancement and leisure/lifetime are satisfied through the dance minor. Students would need an additional personal fitness/fitness core course to complete the physical education core.

Just a few career options that open up from minoring in dance:

  • Dance instructor
  • Dance therapist
  • Performance
  • Choreographer

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