The Japanese language major includes eight Japanese language courses, the last two of which are literature courses, plus at least four Asian culture courses, including history, religion, and philosophy. Students may also minor in Japanese language or earn a group minor in Japanese studies.


Calvin College is the only Christian college in North America to offer comprehensive study of the languages and cultures of East Asia. China and Japan alone account for nearly one quarter of the world's population and are among the top economies in the world. Korea also looms large in world affairs.


Three full-time faculty members teach in Asian studies, specializing in languages, history, and religion. In addition, several professors in other departments offer courses on Asia, so that the program includes courses from philosophy, political science, art, economics, and business. In addition, two part-time native speakers teach the upper-level language courses.

Off Campus Opportunities

Interim in Japan

This three-credit, three-week course is offered every four years in late May and gives students the opportunity to explore Japan and expand their knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.
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