In international development studies, you'll learn about the factors that contribute to global hunger, poverty, and oppression. Discover how you can build a world in which every human being has the opportunity to flourish.

Equipping agents of renewal

The statistics can be jarring: 1.2 billion people struggle to make ends meet on less than $1.25 a day, while an additional 2.7 billion do it on less than $2.50 per day. At Calvin, we want to give you the skills and the knowledge to do something about it.

With an interdisciplinary array of courses, experiential off-campus learning, community development internships, vocational retreats, and an annual Faith and International Development Conference, Calvin's IDS program prepares you be a servant of God in a global context. Many graduates go on to work in fields such as community health, environmental science, and international law.

Combine Topics

Many students also choose to pair their IDS studies with a specialization in another field such as business, international relations, or political science.
If you have a particular area of interest, talk to your advisor about how it might fit with IDS.

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Non-governmental Organizations

Find organizations to partner with in future, as well as other development resources.

Off-campus Programs

Explore the different study-abroad semesters you will participate in as a part of your international development studies.

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