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Students majoring in history will design programs of study in consultation with their departmental advisor. Such programs will reflect the students’ interests within the field of history and in related departments, their anticipated vocational goals, and the demands of the historical discipline. Students are asked to consult with departmental advisors early in their collegiate years concerning their choice of a foreign language and, if secondary teaching is their goal, concerning the various types of programs leading to certification.

The History major prepares students for a wide range of pursuits. Graduates pursue careers in teaching, public service, graduate or professional school (e.g., law and medicine), media, ministry, and business. The major offers rigorous training in writing, research, critical thinking, and public speaking, and it promotes engagement with a broad range of cultures and eras.

History can readily be combined with a minor or second major, or with a pre-professional or professional track such as pre-law, pre-medicine, public health, or business.

Students pursuing certification for secondary education must earn either a double major in History and Social Studies, or a major in one of these two disciplines with a minor in a different discipline. Those who choose to major in Social Studies alone must choose a minor in one of the following disciplines: Economics, Geography, or Political Science. Those who choose to major in History alone may minor in any other discipline they wish.

Students intending to pursue graduate studies are advised to take HIST 390 (independent research project) or HIST 390H-HIST 391H (Honors thesis), and to take at least two semesters of a foreign language even if they have already met the language requirement.

Students desiring a high-impact experience in a non-academic setting are advised to apply for the History internship (HIST 393) in the spring of their junior or senior year.

You can take one upper-level interim course as an elective in any of the History majors or minors.

Course Requirements


If you wish to graduate with honors, you will need to be accepted into the honors program early in your program.


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