In summer 2022, student curator Jillian Herlinger is working on building the Dice Museum's set of information about what is on display. You are invited to watch this page grow as new materials are added. Come into the Dice Museum to see the specimens and displays.

The Visitor Map (pdf) identifies the titles of current exhibits and their locations in the Dice Museum. One display is located outside of the Dice Museum in the Covenant Fine Arts Center (near the entrance to the Art Gallery).

Information Sheets for Current Displays

  • Case 2. Pink Minerals (new exhibit as of 14 June 2022) (pdf)
  • Case 4. Blue Minerals (pdf)
  • Case 14. Fluorescent Minerals (pdf)
  • Case 19. Minerals of the Bible (pdf)
    • Minerals of the Breastplate: Exodus 28 (pdf)

Mineral of the Week

Begun as Instagram posts, this feature now includes a sticker featuring the mineral that you can collect during your Dice Museum visit. Follow us on Instagram @brucedicemineralogicalmuseum. 

This week's mineral is gypsum (pdf). The piece on display can be seen in Case 20. Collect the sticker when you come into the Museum.

Previous Spotlights (alphabetical order)

  • Apophyllite on stilbite (pdf)
  • Azurite (pdf)
  • Barite (pdf)
  • Blue Lace Agate (pdf)
  • Calcite (pdf)
  • Dioptase (pdf). Sticker available (ask at the desk).
  • Goethite (pdf)
  • Gold (pdf)
  • Labradorite (pdf)
  • Morganite (pdf). Sticker available (ask at the desk).
  • Pyrite (pdf). Sticker available (ask at the desk).
  • Rhodochrosite (pdf)
  • Schist (pdf)

Online Collection

Visit our online collection for photos and descriptions of some of the mineral specimens in the Dice Mineralogical Museum.