Through Calvin's geology major (BA/BS), you will learn about the formation, history and structure of the Earth, and apply that knowledge to practical problems as committed Christians.

(37-40 semester hours)

(8 semester hours)

Students who desire a BS degree must complete a minimum of 58 semester hours of science and mathematics. Students who wish to pursue a career or graduate study in geology and who desire a BS degree must complete the minimum requirements of the geology major and should also take the following courses:

  • One from:

    • CHEM-104 General Chemistry II
    • ENGR-106 Engineering Chemistry and Materials Science
  • One from:

    • CS-106 Introduction to Scientific Computation and Modeling
    • GEOG-261 Geographic Information Systems and Cartography
  • PHYS-133 Introductory Physics: Mechanics and Gravity
  • MATH-172 Calculus II
  • ENGL-261 Academics & Professional Writing
  • Geology field methods course

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