The environmental science major program of concentration is intended for students who plan to pursue a career requiring scientific training in environmental problems and their solutions. The major will prepare you for jobs in a variety of fields and for further study in graduate programs such as ecology, environmental science, or natural resource management.

Choose your major concentration

You must choose among biology, chemistry and geology for your environmental science major emphasis. The requirements outlined here are for those interested in the geology emphasis.

Course Requirements


In order to be admitted as a major in the environmental science program, a student must have completed three college-level science courses with a minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course and be approved by the committee, which oversees the environmental science program.

Beyond the requirements of the general honors program, the Honors Program in environmental science requires:

  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 in courses contributing to the major.
  • One course taken for honors from Biology 160, 161, Chemistry 103, or Geology 151.
  • One course taken for honors between Environmental Studies 210 or 302
  • One course taken for honors among Biology 345, Chemistry 271, or Geology 312
  • Completion of Environmental Studies 395 with honors.
  • Completion of a practical experience through Environmental Studies 385, an independent study (390 course) in biology, chemistry, or geology, or another approved practicum.

To be formally admitted to the environmental science major program, you must have completed three college-level science courses with a minimum grade of C in each course. You must also be approved by the environmental science program committee.


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