Calvin Weather Station Data

Weather data was collected at the Calvin University weather station from March 20, 2001 through May 29, 2011. These data can be downloaded as Excel files in daily format (averages, totals and extremes for each day) or 30-minute format (averages, totals and extremes for 30-minute periods). These data are available for public use if Calvin University is acknowledged as the source of the data.

BIC Station Data

This weather station, located on the roof of the Bunker Interpretive Center, is mainted by both the Biology Department and the Engineering Department. Data collection at this station began in March of 2006. This data is available upon request.

Demonstration Wind Turbine Data

The Demonstration Wind Turbine, located near the Gainey Athletic Complex, just north of the tennis courts, is maintained by the Engineering Department. Data was collected at this station from September of 2013 to February of 2014. More information about the Calvin Wind Turbine Demonstration Project is available from the Engineering Department. One month of daily data from September 2013 is available here, along with an explanatory sheet. More data from the turbine is available upon request.