Faithfully exploring God's Earth and its systems, since 1967

Christian faculty

Our professors are committed to the integration of faith and learning, both in the classroom and in the field. We approach the study of geography, geology and environmental studies with a Reformed Christian worldview. The Bible and its themes of justice, restoration and reconciliation drive us to be environmental stewards. Together, we help students explore the magnificent planet God has entrusted to us.

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Professional-grade facilities

The GEO department hosts extensive samples of mineral, rock and fossils, a vast collection of maps, a dedicated geo-spatial analysis lab, drones, an on-campus research sand dune, a seismograph, a weather station and much, much more.

Student/Faculty Research

Students conduct academic-year and summer research with professors. In recent years, students have studied:

  • Lake Michigan coastal dunes
  • Excavation, curation, and analysis of a late Pleistocene mastodon
  • creating a web application for the Plaster Creek watershed

Department Jobs

The GEO department hires more students than any other department. Students are hired yearly for a wide variety of positions, including:

  • Managing the map library
  • Developing the department's website
  • Maintaining the university weather station
  • Organizing and cleaning fossil, rock and mineral collections
  • Overseeing the department's seismograph
  • Assisting professors during classes and labs

Study Abroad

Off-campus study is an important part of the Calvin University experience. In addition to Calvin's variety of semester-long programs, the GEO department offers interim (January and May) courses in Montana, Hawaii, Kenya, Scotland, the Netherlands, Ethiopia, and Yosemite National Park.