Awareness of gender issues is crucial for many occupations and careers (such as law, management, medicine, etc.). It is also crucial as Christians actively work toward reconciliation between genders. A gender studies minor will prepare you to deal with the complexities of gender concerns in the contemporary world.

The gender studies minor is a flexible interdisciplinary program that consists of five courses taken from at least four different departments, plus a capstone course. Courses can be taken in areas such as communications, literature, political science, sociology, philosophy and religion.

Student involvement

Join the Social Justice Coalition; attend events offered by the gender studies program or the Sexuality Series; join Gender Equality Now or attend SAGA meetings.

Three from primary gender courses:

  • CAS-270 - Communication and Gender
  • ENGL-234 - Gender and Literature
  • FREN-374 - Women and Gender in French Literature and Culture
  • GER-372 - Outside Voices: German Culture from the Margins
  • HIST-376 - Studies in the History of Women and Gender
  • PHIL-211 - Philosophy of Gender
  • PSYC-222 - Human Sexuality and Gender
  • REL-313 - When Women Read the Old Testament
  • SOC-250 - Diversity and Inequality in North American Society

Two from the following categories:

  • Special topics courses with a gender focus, such as SOC-304 or SOC-316, POLS-228 or POLS-307 and HIST-356.
  • Approved gender-focused interim course
  • Gender-cognate courses: in consultation with his/her Gender Studies advisor and subject to approval by the Gender Studies Minor steering committee, a student may negotiate a contract in a general class to add a significant gender component to class requirements. These may include, but are not limited to, readings and guided research of a topical paper. The gender focus could also factor into an honors contract. The professor in the course must be committed to providing guidance in the area of gender analysis. Only one gender-cognate course may count toward the minor.

IDIS-394: Seminar in Gender Studies

The capstone course, taken in the junior or senior year, will integrate previous work in the minor while focusing on current research, theoretical paradigms, and controversies in the field. The goal is to foster mature Christian thinking on gender issues.


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