Gender issues cross the boundaries of every academic field and career. Whatever vocation you look forward to—be it in politics, law, ministry, social work, the media—understandings of femininity and masculinity will be key. To enable further understanding, Calvin University created an interdisciplinary gender studies minor. The program draws from several different disciplines, from psychology to communications and religion.

By looking at gender issues across the disciplines, a variety of questions will be faced. What does it mean to be a gendered person in today's society? Are gender differences a result of biology or culture? How does gender shape language? How does gender shape the Bible? What is a Christian view of gender? How can gendered people relate to each other in today's society?

Looking at gender from a Christian perspective is integral to all Gender Studies courses across all disciplines. And nurturing mature Christian thinking on gender issues is given special attention in the capstone course.

A gender studies minor opens your eyes to a part of reality that has always been there, but is so 'normal' to us that we often don't notice it. How we function as men and women is fundamental to our self-understanding, to how our society works, to how we live in our families and churches, that it is important to be aware and self-reflective about this part of our life." Prof. Christiana deGroot, Religion & Theology