Research teams from GEO 181 First-Year Research in Earth Sciences (FYRES) present the results of their research projects focused on Calvin University’s Perseverance Dune and Lake Michigan dunes. Topics include a comparison of Perseverance Dune to Lake Michigan dunes; Perseverance Dune investigations including a field experiment with planted vegetation, a study of dune surface changes, and a study of the effects of autumn storms; and a study of management strategies on Lake Michigan dunes.

Presentations took place from 3:30-5pm on Thursday, 3 December 2020. The event has passed, but a video recording is available.

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Presentation Topics and Research Teams

Perseverance Dune: Characteristics and Comparison with Lake Michigan Dunes

by Ben Adamson, Johnathan Cooper, Delaney Sall and Will Weiss

Calamovilfa longifolia's Impacts on Sand Movement and Other Characteristics

by Lauren Grantham, Isaac jeong, John Kelly and Lynda Steen

Dune Surface Change on Perseverance Dune

by Michael MacGillivray, Derek McClure, Hailey Postma and Emma Tuit

Autumn Storms on the Perseverance Dune

by Lillian Cooper, Nathanael Kastner, Sadie Norman and Henry Schenkel

Surveying Michigan Dune Managers and Their Strategies

by Julia Machiela, Noah Millen, Aubrey Rudy, and Ethan Tulp

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Research posters for these projects can be viewed in the interactive Virtual CEAP Poster Session.