Apply for an internship or assistantship in France - French government assistantships in Lycées

Each year the French Ministry of Education offers English assistant posts in French schools. Applicants must be American citizens (Canadians may apply through the French Embassy in Ottawa), under 30 years of age, and hold a BA by time of appointment. This is a unique opportunity to spend 6 to 9 months in France , improving your French skills, gaining valuable teaching experience, and drawing a monthly stipend. The monthly stipend is around 900 Euros. This means that after taxes, social security, and health care are taken out, you have about 750 Euros a month to live on. You may not defer the social security and health care costs. The stipend provides enough money to live the life-style of a typical French student. Assistants generally work from October 1 to April 30. There are usually 1000-1700 positions available for Americans to teach in primary and secondary in all parts of France and the DOM-TOM. While applicants may specify their region of preference, the Ministry of Education makes the final placement in secondary schools throughout France.

Assistants conduct conversation classes 12 hours per week. Specific assignments and weekly schedules are arranged with the supervising teachers. Generally speaking, news of one's placement arrives in mid-summer. For more information, contact The French Cultural Service through email at their website.

Note: Applicants do not need to have been education majors or minors in college.