The French department offers free tutoring services for you in core French courses.

The tutoring room is located in Hiemenga Hall 418 (to the right of the entrance to the Spanish department). In the department office (HH 427), a schedule of tutors designated for each core-level language course is posted. If you are interested in being tutored, consult the tutor list and contact the tutor assigned to the your course level. Contact numbers are also posted on the bulletin board across from the office. As a courtesy to the tutor, please make contact with the tutor at least twenty-four hours in advance of your expected visit. Once you have made an appointment, please keep your appointment.

Become a French tutor

Tutors are recruited from advanced-level students whose work has been exemplary. Each spring, an announcement is made concerning the number of tutoring positions open for the following year. If you are a major or minor, especially if contemplating a career in teaching, are invited to apply. For the 2017-2018 school year, Professor Vicki De Vries is the tutoring coordinator.

Students with learning disabilities

Students designated as being at-risk can sometimes complete their language core requirements by the sequence FRE 111, 112, 113: Multisensory Structured French I, II, III (4,3,4 s.h.)

This core-language sequence comprises three courses in the comprehension and use of spoken and written French, specially designed to meet the special needs of at-risk students. Materials are presented with an emphasis on understanding the nature of language. General language-learning skills are developed as specific foreign language goals are met. Students are assigned to this course on the basis of adequate documentation or being at-risk.