Take French courses to fulfill core requirements for foreign language, cross-cultural engagement, literature, integrative studies or global and historical studies.

Foreign language core requirement

Complete French 113 or French 202 in one of the following course sequences. You will first take a placement exam (typically before or during Passport orientation for first-year students) to determine your course level. After your level is determined, choose an intensive (one-year) sequence or a traditional (two-year) sequence.

Core course sequence options

* The multisensory French sequence option is available for at-risk students (as determined by Student Academic Services) only.

Other core fulfillment options

  • The Integrative Studies core requirement may be satisfied with any of the three French literature courses: French 394, 395 or 396.
  • The Global and Historical Studies core requirement may be satisfied by taking French/STFR 362 or 363.
  • The Literature core requirement is satisfied by FREN 351.
  • The Cross-Cultural Engagement core requirement is satisfied by STFR 330 in France.