Acquire a wide array of writing skills—fiction and nonfiction, creative and professional—to prepare you for careers in journalism, business, and the arts.

Approach the craft of writing from many angles—the process of composition, the goal of your writing, and the many genres and forms it can take. Combine great literature courses with specialized writing courses and get a major that will help you become a versatile artist. Learn to write for magazines, the web, newspapers, books, and more. Experienced, award-winning professors will serve as mentors as you hone your craft. You’ll discover how writing can convey ideas, evoke real beauty, and become a means of discovering truth about God and the world.

Student involvement

Study abroad in England, Hungary, Ghana, or New England. Participate in department-wide retreats. Write for our student publications, Chimes and Dialogue. Volunteer for the Festival of Faith & Writing student committee. Apply to be a Hudson-Townsend Fellow for the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing.

Course Requirements


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