Take hold of the tools that let you analyze our language. As you lay out its components and put them back together, you’ll find yourself looking into what it means to be a human being.

How can people speak such different forms of the same language? How does language change depending on your class, or your gender, or where you’re from? How do people acquire language in the first place?

Learn how the intricate mechanics of the English language—and language in general—works. Through sociolinguistic research, discover the immense depth and significance of language and how it is entangled in politics, society, culture, gender, and faith.

Student involvement

Study abroad in England, Hungary, Ghana, or New England. Participate in department-wide retreats. Write for our student publications, Chimes and Dialogue. Volunteer for the Festival of Faith and Writing student committee. Apply to be a Hudson-Townsend Fellow for Calvin Center for Faith & Writing.

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