Prepare to teach English as a second language within the U.S. or abroad.

Students in elementary and secondary education programs must fulfill the requirements for the ESL education minor. Students interested in teaching abroad or in programs such as community education, literacy, or church outreach should fulfill the requirements for the non-education minor.

Course Requirements 2015-2016

(21 semester hours)

  • SPAUD-216 Phonetics
  • One from:
  • ENGL-372 Sociolinguistics and Issues in Language Education
  • ENGL-375 Grammar for Teachers of ESL
  • IDIS-301 Introduction to Bilingual and ESL Education
  • (concurrent with EDUC-203-303)
  • One from:
    • IDIS-356 Introduction to Elementary World-Languages Pedagogy
    • IDIS-357 Introduction to Secondary World-Languages Pedagogy
  • EDUC-303 Practicum in ESL (concurrent with EDUC-302 and IDIS-301)

Note: Students with a secondary education ESL minor should consider an English major (a 2 course overlap between major and minor is allowed). IDIS 301 should be taken concurrently with Education 303. Students who have already completed Education 303 prior to taking IDIS 301 should consult with the instructor of IDIS 301. Students must complete Clavin's foreign language core requirement.


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