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Discover the intricate beauty of language as a gift of God. Explore the literary tradition as well as the contemporary publishing scene. Prepare for a huge number of careers—from journalism and business writing to scholarship and the arts—with our exceptional curriculum.

A world of opportunities

With nearly 90 percent of our students graduating with an internship, Calvin English majors have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, business people, pastors, teachers, professors, marketing associates, librarians, ESL teachers, editors, freelance proofreaders, and, of course, writers in a range of creative and professional contexts.

Prolific artists and scholars

Our faculty produce a steady stream of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and original scholarship in areas as diverse as Elizabethan England, children’s literature, and postmodern theory.


Join the wrestling, introspective, and often humorous rapport of a community dedicated to the craft of writing and rigorous study of some of the best pages ever written.

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Take your first step into the world of English literature, writing, and linguistics.


Browse works in a wide variety of genres produced by our faculty.

English opens doors. Check out the many paths our alumni have taken since graduation.


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