Through the engineering department, you'll have the opportunity to earn a Sustainability Designation along with your engineering concentration. This is done in an effort to be stewards of the Earth and to live as part of the natural world in ways that mirror the care and love God has for Creation.

Sustainability designation

You may receive a sustainability designation to your concentration (e.g., “BSE Sustainable Computer/ Electrical Concentration”) by completing all of the following four items:

  1. Complete ENGR-184: "Sustainability Challenges" in your second year.
  2. Complete one three or four semester hour sustainability-themed course (talk with your advisor to determine a viable selection)
  3. Complete ENGR-384: "Sustainability Analysis" in your fourth year. For more information, talk to your advisor.
  4. Design a sustainability project for your senior design project (ENGR 339/340), or complete an internship that focuses on sustainability.

Other procedures and activities may qualify for the sustainability designation. For additional details, please contact the department chair or the department head sustainability coordinator, Prof. Matthew Heun.

Program for Sustainability Engineering

The Program for Sustainability Engineering (PSE) educates students and the community to understand and demonstrate commitments to sustainable approaches and addressing important problems of our contemporary world. The PSE oversees the sustainability designation to the bachelor of science in engineering (BSE) degree.

The PSE provides funding for “sustainability challenges” and “analysis of sustainability engineering systems” courses within the engineering department, funding for the “economics of energy and sustainability” course in the economics department, and student/faculty research.

In addition, the PSE maintains and advances sustainability-related teaching and research infrastructure, provides community outreach on sustainability-related topics, and serves as an institutional home for other sustainability-related activities within the engineering department. Students are encouraged to participate with the PSE as interns, researchers, and student club members.

Sustainable living

We seek to live as part of the natural world in ways that mirror the care and love God has for creation. To live in a sustainable fashion means our daily activities will be conducted in such a manner that they promote the well-being of other people, other species, and the ability of future generations of all creatures to flourish. We challenge ourselves to lead lives of increased meaning and purpose, lives that promote healing and reconciliation within creation. We consider this response to be a divine calling, the working of which will bear fruits of love and hope in our groaning world.

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