International Designation

You may receive an international designation to your concentration (e.g., “BSE International Mechanical Concentration”) by completing any two of the following three items:

  1. An international engineering interim course. There are many to choose from.
  2. An international internship and demonstrating some ability to speak the language of your internship country.
  3. The Engineering summer program in Germany.

Other procedures and activities may qualify for the international designation. For additional details, please contact the department chair or the department Internship Coordinator:

Ned Nielsen

Ned Nielsen

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Sustainablility Designation

  • complete ENGR-184: (a 1 SH course typically taken in the sophomore year),
  • complete a 3 or 4 SH sustainability-themed course,
  • complete ENGR-384: (a 1 SH course typically taken in the junior or senior year), and
  • participate in a sustainability-related practical experience (e.g. internship, research, or senior design project).
  • The courses currently approved as sustainability-themed courses are:.

  • ENGR Wxx (Sustainable Energy Systems)
  • ENGR Wxx (Advanced Topics in Chemical Engineering)
  • ENGR 306 (Principles of Environmental Engineering)
  • ECON 232 (Sustainability Economics)
  • ECON 233 (Economics of Energy and Sustainability)
  • BIOL 364 (Global Health, Environment, and Sustainability)
  • ENST 210 (Human Impacts on the Environment)
  • Check out the Program for Sustainability (PSE).
    See what our department does to promote sustainability.

    Any questions about the current list of approved sustainability-related courses or what practical experiences qualify for credit should be directed to the engineering department sustainability designation coordinator.

    Matthew Heun

    Matthew Heun

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