PRE General Info

  • The last PRE will be offered on September 23, 2017.
  • ACT with Writing is the recommended test.
  • If you would like to take the test at Calvin, select "paper-based testing." Computer-based testing is more expensive and is not offered on Calvin's campus.
  • Students may register at » .
  • During the registration process, be sure to identify yourself as a Calvin student and also request that your scores be sent to Calvin. For certification status, select “You are planning to seek your first Michigan provisional certificate after completion of a traditional teacher preparation program at a Michigan college or university."
  • Be careful to enter an accurate social security number! It is a huge inconvenience later if you enter an incorrect number. Canadians: please register using your U.S. social security number - not your Canadian social insurance number. If you do not have a social security number, contact Debbie Abbott.
  • Candidates with diagnosed and documented disabilities may register for alternative testing arrangements ». Contact a Disability Coordinator » in Academic Services for assistance if needed.
  • Candidates who do not speak English as a primary language may request additional time for the PRE tests.
  • If you only need to retake one or two subtests, register to take the entire Professional Readiness Examination but when you report to the test site, explain which subtests you need. You will automatically receive a $10 refund for each previously passed Professional Readiness Examination subtest you do not retake. Your refund will be sent after your score report has been issued. However, to be registered correctly for the Professional Readiness Examination, you must send in the full $50 test fee.
  • Be alert that you complete both the essay assignments and the multiple choice portion of the Writing test.
  • The tests are completed in Hiemenga Hall, unless signage directs otherwise.
  • Professional Readiness Exam passing scores are valid indefinitely.

Preparation Tips

  • The Professional Readiness Exam requires serious preparation for most students, similar to the ACT or SAT tests.
  • Student Academic Services » offers assistance with general study skills and Academic Support (ASC) classes such as ASC 111 Academic Transitions.
  • Individual tutoring can be a good option - Academic Services offers some free tutoring » or you may post an ad that you need a tutor on job shop » or find a tutor through ».
  • Curriculum Center high school-level textbooks may be used to review content.
  • You may wish to contact the Broene Center » for counseling services If you are experiencing test anxiety or need support with emotional issues.

  • PRE Reading
    • The PRE Reading test has a higher pass rate, so spend more time preparing for the Math and Writing tests.
    • Calvin students have been scoring lower on subarea 4. Idea Relationships.
  • PRE Mathematics

    • A set of of mathematical definitions and formulas is provided during the test, along with a four-function calculator that may help you perform calculations on the test.
    • If you do not pass this subarea, register for an appropriate elementary or secondary math core course as soon as possible (if you have not already completed the math core). Calvin offers free tutoring if you require extra assistance during this class.
    • The PRE math subareas with lower pass rates are 8. Algebra and Functions (lowest), 9. Geometry and Trigonometry, and 10. Statistics and Probability.
  • PRE Writing
    • Use a writer's handbook to prepare for the PRE writing test (such as The DK Handbook, Bedford Handbook, or A Writer's Resource).
    • All Calvin students have access to the Rhetoric Center, and regular visits can improve your writing skills.
    • If you do not pass this subarea, register for ENGL 101 if you have not already completed this course.
    • Subareas with lower pass rates: 11. Apply principles of development, organization, focus, and cohesion (lowest), 12. Apply knowledge of effective sentence and paragraph formation. These subareas are multiple choice questions related to writing.
    • You will submit two writing samples. Candidates have had lower ratings on subarea 14. Write arguments to support claims.

Online Resources:

If you have questions, contact Calvin's Teacher Certification Office at (616) 526-6208 or