The State of Michigan requires CPR and first aid training for all candidates seeking initial teacher certification. Therefore, Calvin will not be able to recommend a person for certification unless he or she has successfully completed approved CPR and first aid courses including both adult and child CPR.


  • Students must complete this requirement prior to the beginning of the internship semester.
  • We recommend that you complete this requirement at Calvin (see dates below).
    • If this is not possible, several courses are available off-campus - visit the Health Education Associates website or view the list of State-Approved Providers for details. Online courses such as those offered by the American Heart Association are acceptable as long as the performance of CPR is demonstrated in person. Classes that are completely online are not acceptable because state law requires a test demonstration on a mannequin.
    • Students who take a CPR/First Aid class at a location other than Calvin College should bring the cards in person to the education department, or mail the actual cards to Shari Brouwer. Include your address so that cards may be mailed back to you. We cannot accept photocopies, faxed copies or emailed pictures of CPR and first aid cards.
  • Most cards are now valid for two years and must be valid at the point when you apply for teacher certification after graduating.

On-campus training

We offer a six-hour class on-campus at Calvin through the American Heart Association for a fee of $75 (pay at the door with cash, check or credit card). Cards are valid for two years.


Saturday, Sept. 22, 9am-3pm
Friday, October 12, 4pm-10pm

Saturday, November 10, 9am-3pm

All classes are held in Hoogenboom 280.

The education department receives a list of all students who completed the class within a few days, so you do not need to bring your CPR card to the education department.


(If you do not pre-register, your card will be mailed to you within two weeks. The education department will still be notified that you completed the class within a few days. Pre-registered candidates are guaranteed a spot in the class—but so far no one who didn't pre-register has had to be turned away due to a full class.)